The Nob Job

ffpc cover sheet
  The Knob Job a very clever fly modelled on Kelly Gallops Bottom Up. The marriage of a Gold Head and a Booby what more could you want on the end of your rod?  Giving a top killing sinking floating fly, where tantalising movement is always assured. Fish on a sinking line in deep pools, explore structure with perdition and control with a fly that has the Ultimate all...
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Tying up the Hobgoblin

  Hobgoblin Kelly Galloup's Boogie Man now has legs! Hobgoblin Kelly Galloup's Boogie Man now has legs! A Killing big fish articulated fly for Trout, Pike, Steelhead and Salmon with Salt water application as well. The Hobgoblin is New fly from Tim Leech and has that touch of magic that come with all his tyings. that will pull the larger Fish. learn now to tie thi...
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Sun Tan Babe Killer Trout Fly

Sun Tan Babe a new Killer Trout, Northern and Pike Fly. A homage to Kelly Gallops Sex Dungeon How to tie a Suntan Babe a tanned Sex Dungeon out of Kelly Galloup's stable. Presented by Flyfishingpodcast. A big fish killer. The Sex Dungeon got its name dew to their being more rubber on it than one of Kelly’s clients had in her sex dungeon. I would some clients like this...
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Tim’s TV fly, Tungsten Variant

  Here a Killer Nymph a variant of John Barr's Tung Teaser what a fly! This a quick tie with a few fishing tips. Also Tim passes on his tip on a cheep UV glue. This nymph is yet another killer to have in your box whether it be white fish trout, grayling or chub. See more at instagram/webstagram flyfishingpodcast or Facebook Fly FIshing follow on twitter @ flyfishing...
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Girl On Girl Action

G on G action
Girl On Girl Action is a new Killing articulated fly out of Tim Leech's Stable. This killing fly was developed out of Kelly Galloup's Stacked Blond. Tim added a Redhead in front and articulated the fly to proved plenty of movement and the Girl on Girl Action was born. A proven big fish killer, a go to fly when you need to provide a little bit of shock and awe to get a react...
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An Evening on the Dries

    I fish dry flies 95% of the time and take some very good fish. One of my friends fished with me a month a good and admitted he just hadn't known where to start with out watching me and having the confidence he now had in my flies. I’ve past on to you now some of my most killing dries so here a little film on how to fish dries on a small stream for sm...
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How’s the Daddy !

    End of season podcast out in the filed fishing the fly that I had just tied up on film in How to Tie Tim’s Daddy. Quick explanation of how to fish. Could can get more podcasts at in the podcast section, iTunes The Fly Fishing Podcast. Films at Youtube flyfishingpodcast, Vimeo Fly Fishing Podcast and Facebook Fly.Fishing94. W...
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Starting of Which Tackle to get ?

  Alasdair contact me on my Instagram page wanting to know what sort of weight of rd and lines I saw fishing as he was thinking about moving lighter weight. Happy to help so here is a rundown of why fish different rods and wights for different waters and fishing styles. A rod should be part of you when its right and be thing you love to fish with! Tight lines hope...
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