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The Cider Drinker Jig

How to tie the Cider Drinker www.flyfishingpodcast.com (old rubber legs) Jig are killing flies getting down to the river bead and inducing a takes with the vertical rise or bounce techniques. Grayling love them as well as trout. The Tim's CD is designed to provide that little temptation to get fish to strike. A productive flies a real killer that in small sizes works well...
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The Battenkill Bastard

When nothing else will work, this will' the old man said as he gave me this killing trout fly on the banks of the Battenkill River, Vermont. Like Kelly Gallop I was at Dry flyfisherman, until bitten by the stream a bug. "When they have seen everything son, this is when you need the Battenkill Bastard !". He waited until I had landed the 26 inch brown, from the pool, then he...
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What a fly ! YES WHAT A FLY!

  What a fly ! YES WHAT A FLY! We chase the panacea all our lives, and sometimes we come near. Fishing is about consistency: we go fishing to catch fish. Don't believe people who say they just go to cast a line, be out in the open air, and seek solace in fishing; getting skunked is getting skunked, and fishing is about catching fish. And to hook-up regularly, one ne...
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Coping with coloured high water

  It is possible to catch fish in very coloured water. Think fish, and you’ll catch fish. Don’t be a one-trick pony - learn to fish with different tactics. Where to fish: Look for ares of slack water, colour change, places where you know the bed of the river dips, deep pools and undercut banks. How to fish: Slow things down as much as possible. Keep in touch or use ...
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Rain Rain Rain

The current rain has long been needed. However, its late arrival does make one wonder whether winter is still the best time to allow river extraction. The past winter was so mild that weed growth and filamentous algae have remained present well into this season. The development of such high algae levels is very worrying for the aqueous environment. The algae covers the river be...
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What a start to a new season! Micro dries have reigned supreme.

    What a start to a new season! Micro dries have reigned supreme. My Paintbrush Dun size 18 - 20, Koch hurl midge, grey CDC midges and Ed Engle’s Olive Biot Dun have all pulled fish. TMC 101 and 518 hooks - the latter is the world’s smalllest-eyed hook - have been hard to track down, but are worth the effort. The straight eye dramatically improves the num...
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