Hot Pink Pussy

  Get your hands on a Hot Pink Pussy, a new Killing articulated fly out of Tim Leech's Stable. This is a killing fly for those dog days, when it to hot or to cold to get a rise at of those big old trout. Just give them a sniff of Hot Pink Pussy and they be gobbling it up. Best fished on a fast sinking Line with a strip or tip retrieve, the venation in pinks helps em...
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Tim’s TV Fly

TV Jig
Tim's TV Fly A Variant of John Barr's Tung Teaser what a fly! The Jig hook tying of this killing fly Also. Tim passes on his tip on a cheep UV glue. Jigs are killing flies for getting down to the river bead and inducing a tack with the vertical rise or bounce techniques,grayling love them as well as trout. Again life is to short to give you non produc...
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Tie a Mayfly Dun Grayling love them as well as Trout!

mayfly spin
How to tie A Mayfly Dun A quick and essay tying, so simple yet so afective . Grayling love them as well as trout. The Tim's MD is designed to provide that all important footprint. Another goto fly to have in your box. Tie it up in differen colour and sizes. See more at Instagam Flyfishingpodcast or Facebook Fly.FIshing.99 follow on twitter @ flyfishin...
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Witch’s Brew, the magic Dry Sedge Fly.

WB Sedge
    Witch's Brew, The Magic New Sedge Fly. Catch a fish of a life time with Fly Fishing Podcast. We Have the flies and attics that will help you hookup Hook Kamisam B 105 # 12 - 10 Red Uni thread Body Celtic Flycrafe fiery black seals fur dubing Wing slicated blake polyprperlain Beer of the Wychwood Brewery, Dr Thirsty's No. 4 Blonde. We'll help you ca...
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The fly for the end of the season

  This is the fly for for the end of the season. I'm rushing this one to you to get out there and fish, it's taking fish right now in the UK. It has the ability to just to draw fish up to take. Give it a go and tell me how you get on. Come and see me at Instagam Flyfishingpodcast Like me at Facebook Fly FIshing, follow me on twitter @ flyfishingpcast and subscribe h...
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Tims’ Floating Nymph

  Floating nymphs are noting new Brooks and others have been developing the idea for years but fishing them and getting the right materials is another thing. Here I give you some of the inside gem on how to tie and fish this killer. This floating nymph is a must have go to fly for you just out of the vice. I'm rushing this one to you to get out there and fish, it ha...
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How to tie Tim’s Hawthorn

IMG_5840 (1)
How to tie Tim's Hawthorn It’s been wet, cold, gray and very cold but now there is a little sun and the Hawthorn blossom is out the Hawthorn flies are on the wing. This is the time of year the trout start to learn how to rise and this is just one of my killing dry Hawthorns. This one it made to float longer and higher than any other. A very killing...
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New split-cane Bob Nunley blank from R. Chapman & Co

The big news from me is that I’ve picked up my new split-cane Bob Nunley blank from R. Chapman & Co, and used it to put together a brand new six-foot rod, which can handle my quick flies and very long tippets. Since so many fishing tackle shops have ceased to exist, it’s very difficult to find rod wings or a real seat, never mind a handle, so I was glad to track down the ...
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Tims’ Black Magic

  I went down to the river to try out the new split-cane rod I have just made 6” 3# and the black sedges were out in force. The little back sedge is the mainstay of the dry flies over the summer being out all day and in to the evening. The Black Magic is what you need to get those trout to come up and it didn't disappoint this time either. The new rod was good t...
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The Cider Drinker Jig

cider drinker
How to tie the Cider Drinker (old rubber legs) Jig are killing flies getting down to the river bead and inducing a takes with the vertical rise or bounce techniques. Grayling love them as well as trout. The Tim's CD is designed to provide that little temptation to get fish to strike. A productive flies a real killer that in small sizes works well...
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