Rain Rain Rain

QZ2B7667The current rain has long been needed. However, its late arrival does make one wonder whether winter is still the best time to allow river extraction. The past winter was so mild that weed growth and filamentous algae have remained present well into this season. The development of such high algae levels is very worrying for the aqueous environment. The algae covers the river bed, masking light from plants, stripping oxygen out of the bed, and promoting siltation and an atrophic cycle. In short it kills fly and plant life, and destroys Reds – not good for fish and not good for the environment.  The rain, high water and rapid water flow are to be welcomed, then. They will move the silt, strip away the filamentous algae, and give everything else a fighting chance in a big spring clean. Hopefully the BWO and Hawthorn hatches will pick up as the weather settles, and the fish will be back on.