What a fly ! YES WHAT A FLY!


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What a fly ! YES WHAT A FLY! We chase the panacea all our lives, and sometimes we come near. Fishing is about consistency: we go fishing to catch fish. Don’t believe people who say they just go to cast a line, be out in the open air, and seek solace in fishing; getting skunked is getting skunked, and fishing is about catching fish. And to hook-up regularly, one needs to whittle down the elements of chance as much as possible. That means good presentation, good knowledge, good tackle, good hooks and, yes, good reliable flies, and here is one. The TPB will take fish from the beginning to the end of the season, from the most difficult lies to the most fussy of feeders, and in the foulest of weathers. This is the fly to put up and the fly to learn how to tie.

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