What a start to a new season! Micro dries have reigned supreme.




What a start to a new season! Micro dries have reigned supreme. My Paintbrush Dun size 18 – 20, Koch hurl midge, grey CDC midges and Ed Engle’s Olive Biot Dun have all pulled fish. TMC 101 and 518 hooks – the latter is the world’s smalllest-eyed hook – have been hard to track down, but are worth the effort. The straight eye dramatically improves the number of hook-ups, even with the size 35, where the main problem was physically tying the hook on with cold, damp fingers. John Rimer sent me a selection of his wonderful dubbings early this year to try out. I have duly tied up a selection of John Barr’s nymphs Tungstone, Tung Teaser etc, mainly size 18 – 24, which have been absolute killers and fished dead drift. Before the rains came, the Hawthorn hatches were kicking in. This year they seem to be larger than they were in the last two years, and the trout were early to lock on to them. Though the Black Shipmans Buzzer and Tim’s Black Bits still work fine I have a new go-to fly, the Tim’s B&B. Tim’s B&B has already proven itself at taking difficult fish and tempting fish into rising. The Granta has seen a lot of small wild fish growing on this year, but very high levels of silt and weed growth. We should be thankful for the heavy rain currently flushing through the river, cleaning the bed so that it can breathe again, free of all the filamentous algae. Tight lines.