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Well, Christmas is over and we’re in to the New Year with a vengeance. Do you know what to do with you new iPhone or iPad? How about getting into podcasts? There’s loads of free stuff on iTunes about fishing and fly fishing – both films and audio. Below I give a few recommendations to help you on your way. Some are more polished than others but all are sure to intrigue and interest a fishing enthusiast! Global FlyFisher podcast was one of the first podcasts I came across. Martin Joergensen, the host, leads a thoughtful podcast with a lovely quiet manner, backed up with absorbing pictures. Martin is part of the Global FlyFishing team, who have an excellent website as well – I love their video section! If you’re looking for a podcast to help you relax and contemplate your hobby, Martin is your man. Unfortunately there are only a few podcasts, due to Martin’s health – but they’re all well worth a listen. I must also say a BIG ‘thank you’ to Martin for the help and advice he gave me when I started my own podcasts. Not many people would have been so willing to share their expertise so generously. Looking for some thought-provoking fun, banter, and interaction between fishermen trying to make a difference to the environment? Then I can’t recommend the Fish Schtick Podcast too much These podcasts are led by with Teeg Stouffer of Recycled Fish and Brian Bennet of Moldy Chum, with Michael Mauro of MauroMedia in the corner. High-energy stuff, just right for the drive to work – or to a fishing match! All in all, this is a really important podcast, sure to get you thinking about our aqueous environment, and the role we all have to play in preserving it. With 99 episodes so far, we’re awaiting No.100 with bated breath! Some really interesting guests appear on this show as well. These podcasts are available free in the iTunes store, but Michael’s website is well worth a look.  Next up is one of my all time favourites: The Itinerant Angler. Zach is a master of the fishing podcast, with high production values and – we still don’t know how he does it – fascinating guest interview after interview! You can get his podcasts from his website, which is very much worth a visit to look at all the other content he hosts (or, again, they’re available free on iTunes). Now in its eighth season, with 112 episodes, this show isn’t a how-to, but a total immersion in Zach and his guests’ helpful thoughts and advice. It’s helped me find out a lot more about fly fishing in America, tackle design, and much more – a real hep when I was looking for information on new cain rods. Try ‘Season Eight, Episode Six: Fiberglass Manifesto’ with Cameron Mortenson, to listen to a man with a passion for helping and sharing his knowledge.  If you’d like something a bit more quirky, informative, passionate and personal, you’ll love Rob Snowhite’s The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast . I don’t know how Rob finds time to go fishing, what with his blog, website, YouTube channel and so much more! Now running to 59 episodes, this podcast takes you through his fishing trips to the Salmon River, Astailera and the Tidal Potomac. Even unsuccessful trips are discussed – after all, we’ve all been skunked, but not everyone is necessarily this up-front about it.  Food and beer also play important roles in the podcast, as Rob give you the run down on places to eat and drink. To me, this is gold dust – and I have say, I really admire the way that Rob keeps it all going. Having worked out there as a guide, I know that a passion for fishing isn’t an easy way to make a living – but Rob’s making a go of it. If you’re over in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area, you can book Rob for anything from an hour to a full day. If you’re further afield, why not look at getting some of his flies or your next bit of fishing equipment through Rob’s Pro Guide Direct account.  With his digital presence, Rob give us a lot for free. Let’s give him as much support as we can – whether that’s an order for flies, a blog posting or a tweet!  Last but not least – if you haven’t come across my Podcast, The Fly Fishing Podcast, by now, tune in! What are you waiting for? There are lots of fly tying videos as well as audio podcasts – just stuff that I know works, and hopefully will save you a lot of time. Production values are not as high as those on some of the wonderful podcasts above, but I feel this is a small way that I can help to pass on information on fly fishing, and to stop it being dominated by corporations. I love feedback on what you like, what you want more of, and suggestions for the podcast; your help and input are invaluable. So please write a review on iTunes, tweet, follow, share, friend and reblog! Thanks for your help, and welcome to the wonderful world of Fishing Podcasts!

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