Olives rule the start of the season

Dry fly at this time of year ! ? ! Why not, the hardy Olive is the star of this time of year, even on those cold wet days it will be hatching off. The trout know it and are looking up, so the right fly in the right place can bring them up from know where.

Hivis Olive
Hivis Olive

Tie and try my Hivis Olive :

Thread I now use white nano thread all the time, very strong and thin it came be coloured with felt tips if need.

hook: 405 Kamasan size 16 -14

tail: pant brush bricel the nylon typ

body: dark olive / brown superfine dubing Orvice, Waspi, Hairline ( change the shade and size)

post; polyproperlin orang and yellow work well or have pink . If your eyesight is good go with grey or white.

hackel: grizel black or red game all work. Cock is preferd but sometimes soft hackles of hen or game birds can really help.

head: same as body and whip finish

Also try purple – not that mad if you think the Snipe and Purple has long been know to be taken at olive time!

Olive they are not all that small – if you can fish a large hook and get away with it you land a put fish back quicker helping them to fight another day.


Small sips and rises don’t always mean small fish.

Have fun and get out there on the drise as well as with the nymphs. If you have to, a small phessanttail nymphs will do the trick, size 10 – 16 shot shank add lead  if you need to get down or use a  small bead.