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How’s the Daddy !

    End of season podcast out in the filed fishing the fly that I had just tied up on film in How to Tie Tim’s Daddy. Quick explanation of how to fish. Could can get more podcasts at www.flyfishingpodcast.com in the podcast section, iTunes The Fly Fishing Podcast. Films at Youtube flyfishingpodcast, Vimeo Fly Fishing Podcast and Facebook Fly.Fishing94. W...
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Tims’ Floating Nymph

  Floating nymphs are noting new Brooks and others have been developing the idea for years but fishing them and getting the right materials is another thing. Here I give you some of the inside gem on how to tie and fish this killer. This floating nymph is a must have go to fly for you just out of the vice. I'm rushing this one to you to get out there and fish, it ha...
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What a fly ! YES WHAT A FLY!

  What a fly ! YES WHAT A FLY! We chase the panacea all our lives, and sometimes we come near. Fishing is about consistency: we go fishing to catch fish. Don't believe people who say they just go to cast a line, be out in the open air, and seek solace in fishing; getting skunked is getting skunked, and fishing is about catching fish. And to hook-up regularly, one ne...
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