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Tim’s TV fly, Tungsten Variant

  Here a Killer Nymph a variant of John Barr's Tung Teaser what a fly! This a quick tie with a few fishing tips. Also Tim passes on his tip on a cheep UV glue. This nymph is yet another killer to have in your box whether it be white fish trout, grayling or chub. See more at instagram/webstagram flyfishingpodcast or Facebook Fly FIshing follow on twitter @ flyfishing...
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Hot Pink Pussy

  Get your hands on a Hot Pink Pussy, a new Killing articulated fly out of Tim Leech's Stable. This is a killing fly for those dog days, when it to hot or to cold to get a rise at of those big old trout. Just give them a sniff of Hot Pink Pussy and they be gobbling it up. Best fished on a fast sinking Line with a strip or tip retrieve, the venation in pinks helps em...
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